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Announcing Test Distribution Auto Scaling

In Develocity 2021.2 we’ve added support to auto scale agents when using an elastic compute platform based on demand for how many tests there are to run. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how easy this is to set up in a Kubernetes cluster, and show how test execution times of both Gradle and Maven builds are affected in different usage scenarios.

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Announcing Test Distribution for Maven

In Develocity 2020.5 we’ve added the missing piece to our testing product for Maven: Test Distribution (available for Gradle builds since Develocity 2020.2). In this blog post, we’re going to connect the build of the Eclipse Jetty open source project to Develocity. We will demonstrate how Test Distribution and Build Caching – with very little effort – reduce the total build time from over 50 minutes to about 15 minutes for a typical code change. We will also discuss potential options for reducing build time even further by optimizing the build for Test Distribution.

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Getting Started with the Kotlin DSL

Build logic can grow as complex as application logic and because of that good tooling is key for a productive build-logic authoring and maintenance experience. In this webinar, Paul Merlin and Rodrigo B. de Oliveira from Gradle explain how the Gradle Kotlin DSL leverages the Kotlin language and its great tooling to provide just that.

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