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Getting Started with the Kotlin DSL

Build logic can grow to be complex as application logic and good tooling is key for a productive build-logic authoring and maintenance experience.

The Gradle Kotlin DSL leverages the Kotlin language and its tooling to provide just this. The static nature of Kotlin enables both compile time checking and authoring assistance from your IDE, from auto-completion to refactoring and everything in-between.

This webcast introduces:

  • Creating a Gradle Kotlin DSL build from scratch
  • Customizing the build with plugins, configuring their DSLs and tasks
  • Using non-statically typed APIs and DSLs from a statically typed language
  • Understanding patterns for organizing build logic
  • Authoring plugins that take advantage of the Gradle Kotlin DSL
  • Authoring DSLs that play well with both Kotlin and Groovy

If you want to take a look at the slides, you will find them here as well as the sample projects.

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar and thanks for your questions! Learn more about upcoming webinars here.