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CI Build Cache & Resource Profiling

If you are responsible for CI, your goal is to optimize the speed of CI builds given compute resource and cost constraints. For Cloud hosted services (e.g. AWS deployments) with elastic usage-based pricing,  the improvements you can achieve with Develocity CI Build Cache and Resource Profiling tools translate directly and proportionately into lower invoice amounts. Frequently, this reduction more than covers the cost of your Develocity license. For internal CI and DevOps teams, this means you can handle the inevitable growth in build demand with existing resources and avoid the expense of adding capacity.

Benefits of CI Build Cache & Resource Profiling

By making compute resources more efficient you can decrease time to deployment while minimizing costs.

CI Build Cache

Develocity Build Cache allows CI to reuse unchanged build and test artifacts. This not only speeds up CI builds since cycles but also saves a substantial amount of compute resources. Develocity Build Cache supports both Gradle and Maven CI builds. You can learn more about Develocity Build Cache features here.

Resource Profiling and Avoidable Failure Prevention

Build and test configuration is often very complex and if not better optimized it will  lead to inefficient test and build executions. For example, over time more and more build actions that could be cached are executed unnecessarily.  Resource Profiling leverages  Build Scan® to help you identify build actions that put a lot of load on your CI infrastructure. You can use this intelligence to focus your continuous efforts to reduce loads where the impact of your efforts will be highest. 

Flaky tests and other avoidable failures are not just a huge source of developer frustration and wasted time.  They also consume a lot of unnecessary CI resources since all those builds that failed unnecessarily have to be run at least one more time. Develocity provides tools for minimizing avoidable failures, and as a result, saves CI resources


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