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Past Issues

February 2021

  • VMware on Developer Productivity Engineering in a Microservices Environment
  • Announcing Distributed Testing for Maven
  • The Next Episode of DevProdEng Showdown to Focus on Android Developer Productivity
  • Tim Cochran of ThoughtWorks on Maximizing Developer Effectiveness

January 2021

  • The Debut of DevProdEng Showdown!
  • Key OSS Projects Standardizing on Gradle Enterprise
  • Can Developer Productivity be Measured?
  • Scaling Android Builds in Pandemic Times at Tinder

December 2020

  • Best of DPE Newsletter 2020
  • Remote Developer Productivity in COVID Times
  • Nelson Osacky: So, you want to be a DPE Solutions Engineer
  • Android Expert Panel Sounds Off: Android Builds and Tests at Scale
  • Hands-On Workshop: Gradle Build Cache Deep Dive

November 2020

  • Exploring the DevProd Solution Landscape | DevProdEng vs. DevProdMgmt
  • Hans Dockter on Being Proactive to Build Developer and Toolchain Trust
  • Gradle Enterprise 2020.4 Extends Build & Test Failure Analytics Capability
  • Hands-On Workshop: Maven Build Cache Deep Dive

October 2020

  • Alberto Mijares Demystifies the Roles of Binary Repositories and Build Caches
  • Hans Dockter on How Build & Test Reliability Issues Kill Morale
  • Embracing DevProd Engineering in Android ‒ Video Series
  • Spring Project Continues to Crush Feedback Cycle Times with Gradle Enterprise Build Cache
  • Hands-On Workshop: Gradle Build Cache Deep Dive

September 2020

  • Observability Takes DPE to the Next Level
  • Hans Dockter on Unreliable Tool Chains
  • Introducing Configuration Caching
  • Gradle Enterprise Maven Build Cache | Technology & Business Case Explained
  • Workshop: Gradle Build Cache Deep Dive

August 2020

  • Advice for Mitigating Pandemic’s Impact on Developer Productivity
  • Eric Wendelin on Flaky Test Management
  • Stash’s Launch of DPE Journey Off to a Good Start
  • Speed Up Builds with “Distributed Testing”
  • Workshop: Maven Build Cache Deep Dive

July 2020

  • Raju Gandhi on the Power of Flow and Deep Work
  • Nelson Osacky on Scaling Android Builds
  • Comparing Gradle and Bazel Build Tool Technologies
  • New Gradle Enterprise Solution Overview Video
  • Workshop: Maven Build Cache Deep Dive

June 2020

  • Build Engineers on the Rise
  • Even the Experts Can Get it Wrong
  • Flaky Test Management Enhancements
  • Reflections on Successful DPE Experiments at SoundCloud
  • Droidcon Online – Scaling your Android Build

May 2020

  • The Link Between Fast Feedback Cycles and Developer Behavior Change
  • Is it Time to Establish a Dedicated DevProdEng Team?
  • Dependency Visualization for Maven
  • Cutting Open Source Project Build Times 77%
  • CloudBees Connect Virtual Event: Next Practices for Improving the Dev Experience

April 2020

  • Eliminate Developer Process Waste
  • Developer Productivity Engineering at Elastic: Avoiding the Cost of Inaction
  • Speed Up Builds with “Distributed Testing”
  • Martin Fowler: Eradicating Non-Determinism (“Flakiness”) in Tests
  • Gradle & Maven Build Cache Deep-Dive Training

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