Know Thy Build

Discover, optimize and collaborate with Gradle Build Scans

Introducing Gradle Cloud Services

Gradle Cloud Services improve the effectiveness of your software Continuous Delivery process by adding new capabilities to the Gradle Build Tool and offering new insights into how you are building your software. The first Gradle Cloud Service offers a permanent, centralized and shareable record of a build called a Build Scan. Build Scans make software development more continuous, collaborative and data driven. Achieve new levels of Build Happiness.

Gradle Build Scans

Build Scans provide detailed information about many aspects of your build right in your browser.

Fix Problems Faster

Interactively explore build failures to find the cause of problems.


Easily share Build Scans via permanent links and debug issues together.

Optimize Build Performance

Understand where your build time is going and make your builds faster.

Compare and Discover

Understand how your software is actually being built by analyzing local builds from all developers along with your CI builds.