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Develocity speeds up your builds and tests, makes troubleshooting more efficient, and increases toolchain reliability, giving your developers back at least one day each week in lost productivity. Now supporting Maven, Bazel, sbt, and Gradle build systems.

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Used by leading tech and global business brands

Imagine a world where your developers spend less time waiting on builds and tests to complete or dealing with failures. Let's make that a reality.

Accelerate your builds and tests locally and on CI

Avoid the pain of slow builds, unnecessary idle time, context switching, and interruptions to the creative flow.

build cycle quadrants

Avoid unnecessary build actions

Build Cache avoids running components of builds and tests whose inputs have not changed.
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Avoid running irrelevant tests

Predictive Test Selection only runs tests that are likely to provide useful feedback using machine learning.
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Distribute test execution

Test Distribution runs the necessary and relevant remaining tests in parallel to minimize build time.
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Sustain performance gains

Performance Continuity leverages build data observability to analyze performance and make continuous improvements.
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Impact by the numbers

Cut test time up to


Decrease build time by



build & test monitoring

address avoidable failures

reactive 1reactive 1
Find unreliable builds and tests, like flaky tests, learn how many people and environments are affected, share information about them, and understand the root cause efficiently.
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troubleshoot failures

reactive 1reactive 1
Use Build Scan® to get detailed build action and environment data and metrics for every build to rapidly determine the problem root cause. Enhance your failure analysis with Failure Analytics dashboards.
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We support multiple build systems

Our goal is to democratize the developer productivity benefits of Develocity for all dev teams across the enterprise.

  • Maven
  • bazel
  • sbt
  • Gradle

Develocity integrates with all CI systems

Develocity offers plug-ins and templates for a convenient and feature-rich integration with Bamboo, GitHub Actions, GitLab, Jenkins CI, and TeamCity. Take your CI throughput and observability to the next level. Develocity is also an indispensable tool for CI migration.

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Develocity is compatible with all popular deployment


Develocity is flexible to deploy and integrates easily with your existing application deployment infrastructure.

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google cloud

Get deep reporting & insights

Leverage our ready-made and custom-built dashboards to discover new insights and track and share your organization's productivity outcomes.

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Improve business outcomes with out-of-the-box insights.

Get quick access to fundamental data points with our dashboards, such as aggregated build execution time, test failure trends, or average failure resolution time.


Generate custom reports and discover new insights.

Develocity can be integrated with external business intelligence, reporting, and monitoring tools to unlock powerful hidden insights.

Pie Chart

Custom reporting in action

Check out three ways you can use Develocity as a platform to generate unique insights and augment your productivity business intelligence.


The API allows you to extract build and test data from your Develocity instance—enabling you to push this data into other systems and use it to build reports and dashboards. With its event-based approach you can also monitor and react in real time to build and test events.

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Optimize CI Resource & Cost Efficiency

Manage CI build throughput demand, given available compute resource and cost constraints, using build performance acceleration and failure monitoring and resolution technologies.

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Cost Avoidance

Avoid running components of builds and tests unnecessarily by leveraging Build Cache and Predictive Test Selection performance acceleration technologies.


Resource Profiling

Leverages Build Scan® to identify build actions that put the most load on your CI infrastructure so efforts to reduce loads have the highest impact.


Failure Prevention

Use Failure Analytics to minimize avoidable failures like flaky tests that consume resources and cause builds to be run multiple times.


Netflix pursues soft DevEx goals with hard DevProd metrics using Test Distribution

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“For one project we reduced the build time from 60 minutes to 5 minutes just using Develocity’s Test Distribution across multiple machines.”

Danny Thomas

Tech Lead


Develocity enables Applied Materials to reduce build time by 50% and recruit top talent

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“Develocity has made an impact on performance and the time savings we experienced on build and test cycle times have dramatically improved developer productivity.”

Build Engineer


Develocity exceeds Aetna’s expectations for scalability, service and support

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“Develocity scales well and will meet the service-level expectations of any enterprise-wide deployment.”

Staff Engineer

See Develocity in action

Get the high-level business case for investing in Develocity. Our demo video walks you through the major solution capabilities, describes their key benefits, and demos real-world practical examples of powerful features that address your top developer productivity pain points.

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Version 2024.1

Develocity version 2024.1 available today

Released April 02, 2024

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