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Develocity cuts Revolut's build times by 75% for complex Android projects

The problem

Delayed time-to-market with codebase growth

  • Too much time wasted waiting on build and test feedback, both locally and on CI
  • Inability to easily troubleshoot and determine the root cause of build, test, and CI failures, as well as flaky tests
  • Negative impact on time-to-market due to difficulty in managing the growth of build and test cycles as the codebase grew
Develocity is an amazing tool that helps us a lot. We try our best to get good results from build caching, and Develocity is great for keeping an eye on things and spotting problems.

Our dramatically reduced build and test times have had a major impact on improving developer productivity.

For those managing complex Android projects, the transformative power of Develocity cannot be overstated. I wholeheartedly suggest it for anyone experiencing difficulties with build performance.

The solution

Improved tooling infrastructure

  1. 1
    Build Cache to reduce build times by enabling the reuse of unchanged build and test outputs that are unaffected by new code.
  2. 2
    Build Scan® to facilitate root cause determination when troubleshooting build and test failures locally and on CI
  3. 3
    Failure Analytics to provide insights that improve build & test processes and tooling infrastructure with greater efficiency

The outcome

Build times cut by 75%

  • Less than 3 months needed to fully repay their investment in Develocity
  • Build Cache reduced previous build times by 75%
  • Build Scan and Failure Analytics provided valuable analytics and actionable insights on build and test performance, regressions, failure trends, and productivity bottlenecks

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