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Gradle Build Cache Node Replication in Android

In this guest post, Roger Taracha, senior Android engineer at Premise Data, shares his company’s experience using build-cache node replication to serve their distributed teams across the globe. Roger begins with a conceptual recap of the Gradle Build Cache, its benefits, and general installation/configuratIon considerations. He then outlines the key benefits of node replication and the setup and configuration process (including connecting to Gradle Enterprise). Roger closes by sharing the inner workings of the Gradle build script solution that optimizes replicated node selection for local developer performance.

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Is Developer Productivity Engineering the Next Big Thing in Software?

For decades, the success formula for many (if not all) breakthrough business and technology productivity methodologies has been “Productivity = Speed * Efficiency”, where “efficiency” in this case refers to the ability to maintain or even improve quality as process and workflow execution speed up.

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Announcing Test Distribution for Maven

In Gradle Enterprise 2020.5 we’ve added the missing piece to our testing product for Maven: Test Distribution (available for Gradle builds since Gradle Enterprise 2020.2). In this blog post, we’re going to connect the build of the Eclipse Jetty open source project to Gradle Enterprise. We will demonstrate how Test Distribution and Build Caching – with very little effort – reduce the total build time from over 50 minutes to about 15 minutes for a typical code change. We will also discuss potential options for reducing build time even further by optimizing the build for Test Distribution.

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Key OSS Projects Standardizing on Gradle Enterprise

If some of the most important open source projects in the world are any indication, Gradle Enterprise is quickly emerging as a staple for build and test data analytics and as a source of acceleration technology for both Gradle and Maven-based builds. Spring, JetBrains (Kotlin), JUnit, and not surprisingly, Gradle Build Tool, all rely on Gradle Enterprise to improve build and test feedback cycle times and make troubleshooting more efficient with root cause analysis data (Build Scans) and failure analytics. Here’s a brief summary of the role Gradle Enterprise is playing in each project and some high-level results.

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