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Case Studies Spotlight:
How Gradle Enterprise CI Build and Test Observability Offer Deep Migration Insights

Gradle Enterprise automatically observes, records, and reports details about your CI builds. This information provides the basis for generating performance and failure-related insights and developing metrics to make CI pipelines more efficient. This automation allows CI and DevOps Engineers to focus on sustained improvement instead of tech support. In this article, we’ll define some of those key CI metrics and explore real-world examples of Gradle Enterprise helping teams to optimize CI performance and failure recovery using those metrics.

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Gradle Enterprise 2023.1: Deeper Insights, Advanced Search, and Enhanced Security

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Gradle Enterprise 2023.1.The new release brings many compelling new features and capabilities, but here we highlight a few of the most impactful areas of innovation: deeper insights into artifact transformations, a new query language for advanced Build Scan™ searches, and enhancements to security including automated SCIM-based user management and custom roles for granular access control. Let’s dive into the details.

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Triplequote Founder Reflects on Gradle Acquisition

I’m excited to share the news that today Gradle Inc. announced that it has acquired Triplequote and that both I and my fellow co-founder Mirco Dotta have joined the new Scala team at Gradle! If you are not familiar with Triplequote, our technology speeds up builds for Scala developers with the world’s only parallel compiler for the Scala language, called Hydra.

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Dogfooding Test Distribution for Maximum Effect at Gradle

Here at Gradle, Inc., we don’t just talk about Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE). We practice it every day. We know that companies that make DPE a priority have focused, productive developers who deliver better code faster while experiencing the joy of coding. That’s why Gradle has engineering resources dedicated to ensuring our developers get the same benefits as our customers. And we eat our own dog food. (Or, if you prefer, we drink our own champagne. Then again, not all of our code is written in France, so maybe we’re drinking our own sparkling wine.) That includes using Gradle Enterprise Test Distribution. 

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Anatomy of a Build Cache Node Crash

Gradle Enterprise provides a complete look at the build system, its performance, and individual build details. We recently had a build cache node crash that was impacting build times. In this post, we’ll go through the information Gradle Enterprise generated before, during, and after the build cache node crash that made it easy to determine this was the cause of the slow build performance problem.

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Advice for Sundar Pichai: How to Solve Google’s Billion-Dollar Productivity Problem

In a recent Inc. Magazine article, “Google Has a Productivity Problem That Has Stumped Managers for 113 Years. Will Sundar Pichai Be the First to Solve It?” (Aug. 2022), Pichai said the tech giant’s productivity levels do not match its growing headcount. Google executives have reportedly said they want to “get better results faster” with the people they have, and employees have been warned to boost performance or “there will be blood on the streets.”

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