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Key OSS Projects Standardizing on Gradle Enterprise

If some of the most important open source projects in the world are any indication, Gradle Enterprise is quickly emerging as a staple for build and test data analytics and as a source of acceleration technology for both Gradle and Maven-based builds. Spring, JetBrains (Kotlin), JUnit, and not surprisingly, Gradle Build Tool, all rely on Gradle Enterprise to improve build and test feedback cycle times and make troubleshooting more efficient with root cause analysis data (Build Scans) and failure analytics. Here’s a brief summary of the role Gradle Enterprise is playing in each project and some high-level results.

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Distributed Testing FAQs

Gradle Enterprise 2020.2 features Distributed Testing for Gradle builds. We have compiled this list of FAQs to supplement the information shared in our webcast: Gradle Enterprise Unveils Distributed Testing.

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Build Engineers on the Rise

In Santa Clara County, CA there are currently 11,000 job openings for build engineers listed on ZipRecruiter. The median annual base salary is $129,000. Why are build engineers in high demand?

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The Gradle Enterprise Proof-of-Value Trial Experience

So, you have heard a lot of great things about Gradle Enterprise and you are thinking about doing a trial. Now what?

In our recent webcast, a former SoundCloud developer productivity engineer who has been through the trial experience answered your key questions about Gradle Enterprise trials.

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What’s New in Gradle Enterprise 2020.2

Gradle Enterprise 2020.2 introduces a major new feature: Distributed Testing. Gradle Enterprise Distributed Testing executes your existing test suites faster by fanning out test execution to as many machines as you provide.

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