Try Gradle Enterprise and we’ll slash your average build times 50% or more.

The Gradle Enterprise Trial will provide an eye-opening and energizing experience and exposure to the next-generation of build engineering technology. You can expect to:

Get verifiable results using your own data including a 50% reduction in average build times
Gain access to Gradle Enterprise build and test engineering experts
Learn the basics on how to become a developer productivity engineer with free consulting and insights
End with an ROI-grounded business case based on hard savings you can share with decision makers

What does the Gradle Enterprise trial process look like?

  • You register by completing the trial request form. 
  • Gradle will respond with a request to accept the trial license agreement.
  • Gradle will assign a trial project manager and solutions engineer, set expectations for your time commitment, and explain installation requirements
  • You will secure resources including (1) the participation of developers knowledgeable about your builds and tests and potentially DevOps engineers and CI/CD teams, and (2) a server.
  • Gradle will walk you through our on-premises installation options, as well as configuration settings for backups and data retention, authentication and authorization, and build cache topology. 
  • Your trial period will start officially once installation and configuration is complete.

  • We will connect all local and CI builds to Gradle Enterprise, integrate and customize build scans to model your developer workflow, and capture your current build performance and reliability baselines using your own data. 
  • We will work together to demonstrate the value of Gradle Enterprise in priority areas. This may include:
    • Reducing local and CI build and test time by optimizing  build caching for developer and CI Builds and implementing Test Distribution
    • Minimizing troubleshooting time for detecting and fixing flaky tests and other avoidable failures
    • Identifying and remediating longer-term performance regressions using Trends & Insight

We will develop a business case for investing in Gradle Enterprise that provides hard savings based on your own data. We call this the Cost of Inaction or COI.
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