Gradle Enterprise Solution Overview

Improve the Developer Experience with Build & Test Performance Acceleration Technology and Failure Analytics

What is Gradle Enterprise?

Gradle Enterprise is the tool of choice for the world’s most valuable global business and technology brands that compete on the delivery speed and quality of their code. Gradle Enterprise leverages acceleration technologies to speed up the software build and test process and data analytics to make troubleshooting more efficient. It is a key enabling technology for the emerging discipline of Developer Productivity Engineering and supports Gradle, Maven and Bazel build environments.

With Gradle Enterprise build tool users can:

Cut average build and test time in half instantly

Decrease build and test failure time to repair by over two-thirds

Get 100% visibility to key performance metrics and trends

Gradle Enterprise is an on-premises SaaS product that connects to every developer and CI machine building with Gradle, Maven, Bazel, and coming soon, the sbt build system. As such, it is a separate but complementary commercial product from the popular open-source Gradle Build Tool.

Gradle Enterprise Solution Framework

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