Developer Productivity Engineering

How to improve your developer experience and key software development processes

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Improve and fix your developer experience from builds and tests to CI/CD

Developer Productivity Engineering is a discipline of using data and acceleration techniques to improve essential software development processes for greater automation, fast feedback cycles, and reliable feedback.

In this free download, early access edition of the Developer Productivity Engineering Book we discuss how to:

  • understand the importance of fast feedback cycles and catching errors earlier
  • quantify the costs of a low productivity environment with slow builds, tests, and CI/CD
  • organize data required to understand, troubleshoot, and improve builds and tests
  • use acceleration technologies such as build caching and distribution
  • find and eliminate the most frequent errors and flaky tests

You’ll also receive a digital copy of the Developer Productivity Engineering Workbook with exercises that demonstrate practical solutions to common Developer Productivity Engineering problems like the ones described in the book.

These books are based on our collective experience learning how the world’s top development teams create a productive and joyful developer experience.

This is an early access edition. Registrants will also receive infrequent updates with major content updates, such as when new chapters are added.

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