Gradle Enterprise

Gradle Cloud Services behind your firewall and with additional features.

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Released Feb 13, 2017

Dependency comparison, task execution timeline, network activity insights, real time data export, faster search and more.

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Private, safe, and totally under your control

Gradle Cloud Services provide insights into your software development by collecting and aggregating detailed information about your builds.

By using Gradle Enterprise you can collect and aggregate this information within your network and on your servers. It can be operated completely disconnected from the public Internet.

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Discover and optimize
all builds

Understand how your software is actually being built within your entire organization by analyzing local builds from all developers along with your CI builds.

Compare dependencies
between two builds

Easily identify dependency changes between two builds. Find out how build changes have affected the configurations and dependencies. Detect if new transitive dependencies or new dynamic dependency versions have been pulled in.

Export and stream
your build data

Simple to use export API with real-time streaming. Push your build data to other systems. Use your build data in internal dashboards and graphs.

Easy installation and operation

Install in a few minutes. Update any time with the click of a button. Manage via the admin dashboard. Technical support for Gradle Enterprise and Gradle Build Tool included.