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Dependency Management with Gradle Part 3 – Publishing and Release Strategies

Whether producing private or public components, most projects are built with multiple software libraries interacting together. Aside from knowing what to publish and how to do so, this webinar will cover strategies for streamlining the publication and integration processes.

This webcast builds on the two previous webcasts about fundamentals of dependency management with Gradle and handling conflicts and customizing resolution. It focuses on publishing and release strategies.

In particular, in this webcast we discussed:

  • Understanding the Gradle component model
  • Publishing on a Maven or Ivy repository
  • Publishing sources, javadocs or custom components
  • Signing and publishing to public repositories
  • Understanding the difference between the POM, Ivy and Gradle Module Metadata formats
  • The benefits of the new Gradle Module Metadata format
  • Strategies for published version numbers
  • Release strategies
  • Integration strategies

You can access the slides of the webinar here. If you want to try things out, feel free to use the sample project that we used during the webinar.

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar and thanks for your questions!