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Dependency Management with Gradle Part 2 – Handling Conflicts and Customizing Resolution

Whether you use a mono-repository or multi-repository approach for your sources, managing dependencies is central to productivity by reusing artifacts and ensuring a quality build. A single incorrect dependency can break existing code, introduce a vulnerability or simply prevent your project from building.

This webcast builds on the introductory materials from part 1. It focuses on dealing with dependency resolution conflicts and managing transitive dependencies to fix common issues.

This webcast also shows you how to:

  • Resolve version conflicts, highlighting the differences between Gradle,  Apache Maven ™ and Apache Ivy ™
  • View dependency results and debug dependency resolution
  • Customize version resolution
  • Handle incorrect module metadata
  • Align the version of a group of dependencies
  • Deal with modules that changed coordinates or conflicting implementations
  • Exclude dependencies

You can access the slides of the webinar here.

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar and thanks for your questions!