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Dependency Management with Gradle Part 1 – Fundamentals

Whether you use a mono-repository or multi-repository approach for your sources, managing dependencies is central to productivity by reusing artifacts and ensuring a quality build. A single incorrect dependency can break existing code, introduce a vulnerability or simply prevent your project from building.

This class will introduce dependency management for Java.
It will help you understand the key concepts and give you the knowledge to tackle many of the common requirements and pitfalls you will likely encounter.

This webcast will show you how you:

  • Declaring dependencies and the repositories you retrieve them from
  • Understanding what dependency configurations are
  • Using dependency versions to express requirements and compatibility
  • Using dependency constraints to control transitive dependency versions
  • Ensuring the same versions of dependency are used across projects within a build
  • Understanding the principles of variant-aware dependency management and the problems it solves
  • Discussing compatibility of Gradle’s dependency management with Apache Maven(™) and Apache Ivy(™)
  • Troubleshooting problems with dependencies

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Dependency Management with Gradle - Part 1: Fundamentals
Dependency Management with Gradle – Part 1: Fundamentals

You can access the slides of the webinar here.

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar and thanks for your questions!