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LinkedIn saves 800 hours each day on local and CI builds with Develocity

The problem

Too much developer time wasted

  • Wasted developer time spent waiting for builds and tests to complete and extensive time spent troubleshooting and debugging, leading to too long MTTR.
  • Ongoing issues with build performance and reliability and an increasingly high volume of build-related support tickets for the support team to address.
  • Unreliable and flaky tests negatively impacting the entire software development lifecycle.
  • Developer frustration with the end-to-end experience.
We needed a “big data” system to record, track, and analyze build performance and cacheability. We used Develocity’s Export API and piped all of our build data into our metrics system.
Devi Sridharanm
Staff Software Engineer
LinkedIn’s largest Play application, Voyager-API, was one of the first services to start using Develocity build cache for every build. Last year, we shared our journey to accelerate build time for this Play application by 4X.
Devi Sridharanm
Staff Software Engineer
More than 4,500 services are using Develocity Build Cache and we save more than 800 hours every day in CI and local builds.
Devi Sridharanm
Staff Software Engineer
We’ve operationalized Develocity by wrapping it as a LinkedIn service that enables us to do fully automated installation, upgrade, and recovery at scale, plus real-time service monitoring and alerting.
Devi Sridharanm
Staff Software Engineer

The solution

Faster builds and more efficient troubleshooting

  1. 1
    Build Cache to reduce build times by enabling the reuse of unchanged build and test outputs that are unaffected by new code.
  2. 2
    Build Scan® to provide observability and comprehensive reports on all aspects of builds to decrease troubleshooting time and MTTR.

The outcome

Developers save 800 hours daily

  • 800 hours saved daily on local and CI builds.
  • 400% improvement in build times and 40% improvement in test times.
  • Better ability to measure and track test flakiness and CI reliability and understand bottlenecks.

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