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Developer Productivity Engineering at Elastic: Avoiding the Cost of Inaction

Like many companies, the software development experience at Elastic was starting to become negatively impacted under the increasing strain of slowing builds and inefficient process for testing and debugging. And, the pain was only expected to increase in line with the growth of development teams, code bases, and repositories. The cost of inaction was projected to soon become unbearable.

The emerging discipline of developer productivity engineering promised to address these challenges through a higher degree of automation, faster feedback cycles and more reliable and actionable data. In this webcast, Mark Vieira, Senior Software Engineer at Elastic discusses with Gradle, Inc. CEO, Hans Dockter, how Elastic overcame the natural resistance to change their process and toolset by quantifying the Cost of Inaction and blazing a new path toward build engineering excellence.

In this webcast Mark and Hans discuss:

  • The key developer productivity pain points that drive up the cost of inaction
  • Developer Productivity Engineering concepts and solutions
  • How to quantify the Cost of Inaction

I hope you found this session inspiring and informative. Thanks for your time.