An X-Ray for your Gradle and Maven builds

Gradle Enterprise Build Scans give you all the data, for all the builds, all the time

What are build scans?

Gradle Enterprise build scans give you deep task-level data, performance metrics and visualizations for every developer and CI build.

Developers can find and fix build issues without having to ask the build team to re-run broken builds to reproduce problems. Build teams use build scans to dramatically improve build speed and reliability.

Create a build scan in 30 seconds right now or see a scan from a recent build of Gradle Build Tool.

Understand how your builds are used every day

You can’t expect to keep builds running fast and reliable without the data to help you notice, find and fix build issues. Gradle Enterprise gives you both deep data from every Gradle and Maven build and a collective view of all builds across the team.


Self-service debugging

Quickly find build problems without having to call the build team.

Speed up slow builds

Use build scans to optimize builds for huge gains in developer productivity.

Create collaboration

Developers can share a link to a build scan to point out a problem or ask for help.


Task-level data

Build scans provide a wealth of data on every task and dependency in the build.

Diff builds

Developers can compare or perform Diffs between two builds to quickly find issues. 

Private scans

Make build scans private behind your firewall with Gradle Enterprise.

Scan sharing

Developers can share build scans by sending a single unique link.

Data export

Extend your build scan analysis with a data export API.

CI Integration

Enable build scan integration with TeamCity and Jenkins. 

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