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The Develocity Proof-of-Value Trial Experience

So, you have heard a lot of great things about Develocity and you are thinking about doing a trial. Now what?

In our recent webcast, a former SoundCloud developer productivity engineer who has been through the trial experience answered your key questions about Develocity trials. These included:

  • When is it time to consider a Develocity trial?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What is involved, what is expected of my team and what can I expect from Gradle?

If it does make sense to move forward with a trial, you can expect an eye-opening and energizing experience and exposure to the next-generation of build and test analytic and performance acceleration technology. This includes access to Develocity build engineering experts, free developer productivity consulting and insights, verifiable results using your own data, and a ~50% reduction in average build times in 30 days.

Several of your industry peers have proven the value of Develocity through this process and have since deployed with transformational results. Watch the Webcast to learn if a Develocity Trial is the right next step for your team.

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The Gradle Enterprise Proof-of-Value Trial Experience

The Gradle Enterprise Proof-of-Value Trial Experience