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How Coursera Reduced Scala Compilation Times By 125 Hours a Week

Coursera is the leading online educational platform, empowering more than 35 million learners across the world to access over 2600 high-quality courses from top educational institutions. The Coursera platform is the central component that enables teachers to share their knowledge, students to uplevel and enhance their skills, and enterprises to continuously train their workforce.

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What’s new in Gradle 5.0

Gradle 5.0 is much faster and more memory efficient than previous versions of Gradle, has better tools to inspect and manage transitive dependencies, and can provide the IDE assistance you’d always hoped and expected through a new Kotlin DSL.

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The Challenge of the Build Engineer

The role of the build engineer is undergoing a transformation. Build engineers are becoming the key to success for any software producing company. But this transition is not happening without a lot of pain.

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