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Developer Productivity Engineering 2020

The most important development in software engineering since the introduction of Agile, Lean Software Development, and DevOps methodologies and Tools.

Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) is a new software development discipline that uses data analytics and acceleration technologies to speed up and make the critical software development processes from builds to testing to CI more efficient. The aim is to achieve faster feedback cycles, more actionable data, and highly satisfying developer experience. Top global brands are investing in DPE people, processes and tools including AirBnB, American Express, Cisco, IBM, LinkedIn, Peloton, Pinterest, Salesforce, and SAP.

Another signal that DPE is getting broad traction in development teams is the thousands of individuals that have registered for DPE training and workshops hosted by Gradle, Inc. over the past six months. These events demonstrate how to use DPE tools and methods to cut average build and test times in half instantly, reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) for incident resolution by up to two-thirds, and leverage failure analytics and trend information to manage performance regressions over time. The end result is that developers spend more time doing the thing they love — creating new features. And, they spend a lot less time on the things they hate like waiting for builds and tests to complete, debugging code, and dealing with test failures.

Gradle recently hosted an DPE Webinar and used examples from Java projects that rely on Maven or Gradle build tools to drill down on how to:

  • Achieve fast feedback cycles and catch errors early, including incorrect signals like flaky tests
  • Leverage acceleration technologies like build caching and distributed testing for instantly speeding up build and test feedback cycles
  • Use data to understand and improve the development processes continuously
  • Quantify the cost of inaction (i.e. not leveraging DPE practices and tools that minimize idle time waiting for local and CI builds and tests to complete and make debugging more efficient)

You can access the Webinar on-demand to learn more about why we think DPE represents a significant milestone in maturation of software development and delivery.

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Developer Productivity Engineering

Developer Productivity Engineering