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Develocity Unveils “Test Distribution”

Does your team suffer from long feedback times because of slow running tests? Does your CI pipeline spend several hours executing integration and system tests?

Having these tests is important but once running them takes longer than a few minutes, developers will push execution to later stages of the development cycle leading to longer feedback times. Shortening feedback cycles can save teams lots of time because there are fewer interruptions to the creative process, developers spend less time waiting for each individual build, and they spend less time debugging problems that occur from compounding changesets.

Shorter feedback cycles are also safer because developers make smaller changesets (fewer bugs and conflicts), changesets don’t get stale and cause bug-inducing merge conflicts, and companies aren’t tempted to cut corners like turning off tests and other safety measures in order to ship faster.

In a recent webcast, two members of the Test Distribution team, Marc and Benedict discuss:

  • What strategies organizations currently employ to mitigate slow tests
  • How to speed up test execution by distributing the test set to remote agents
  • How to connect and manage remote test agents with Develocity

Watch now.

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Intro to Distributed Testing

Intro to Distributed Testing