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Improve CI Performance by Optimizing Maven and Gradle Builds

A fast and efficient CI pipeline can make or break your team’s developer experience and productivity.

But what are the biggest determinants of CI pipeline performance? How do CI platform infrastructure and build/test performance impact each other and where should you focus your efforts?

In this webinar Arnaud Héritier from CloudBees, and Etienne Studer discuss what techniques and technologies exist to improve CI build and test speed, reliability, and resource efficiency.

Topics include:

  • Improve CI capacity planning based on real-time analytics
  • Increase CI agent availability and resource efficiency
  • Instrument Gradle and Maven to understand how the build impacts CI performance
  • Speed up CI pipelines by using build caching with both Maven and Gradle builds
  • Speed up CI pipelines by using distributed test execution for both Maven and Gradle builds via Jenkins agents
  • Increase CI pipeline reliability for Maven and Gradle by flaky test analytics

You can access the slides of the webinar here.

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar!