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Apache Software Foundation Standardizes on Gradle Develocity to Improve Developer Productivity & Experience

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and Gradle Inc. announced last week that Gradle has entered into a collaboration with the Foundation as a Targeted Platinum Sponsor. This involves Gradle providing a free instance of Develocity (formerly Gradle Enterprise) that runs as a shared ASF infrastructure service available for use by all Apache projects and contributors. Gradle aims to scale Develocity build and test performance acceleration and failure analytics benefits across the ASF community of 320 active open-source software projects. 

Today there are over 30,000 builds running weekly that leverage Develocity within the ASF teams at Beam, Kafka, Lucene, Pulsar, and Groovy, to name a few. The live instance running at the ASF can be accessed here.

For the first time, ASF community developers have access to a complete array of complimentary Develocity build and test performance acceleration technologies, such as Build Cache, Predictive Test Selection, and Test Distribution. Additional services include Build Scan® to make build and test troubleshooting dramatically more efficient and Failure Analytics to provide observability of performance and failure trends, including flaky test management. Further, Develocity is a multi-build-system platform that currently supports the Apache Maven, Gradle, Bazel, and sbt build systems.

“Our collaboration with the ASF will expand the scope of the Developer Productivity Engineering practitioner community, which includes over 8,400 committers,” said Hans Dockter, founder and CEO of Gradle. “This speaks to the scalability of the Develocity solution platform.” 

With this announcement, the ASF and its member projects join the community of Gradle’s “Revved up by Develocity” partner program. In addition to the ASF, other program members include Spring, the Micronaut Foundation, and the Grails Foundation. The program has over 25 members, including JUnit, Testcontainers, Quarkus, AndroidX, and Kotlin Compiler. Live instances of Develocity running at all 25 projects can be explored here.

“We are happy to welcome Gradle as a Platinum Targeted Sponsor of the ASF. Several ASF projects are using Develocity in conjunction with the more than 30,000 aggregate weekly builds, and we expect that number to rise significantly as more projects leverage this resource,” said Greg Stein, Infrastructure Administrator, ASF. 

Gradle Inc. is a Gold sponsor at Community over Code (formerly ApacheCon) in Nova Scotia on October 7-10. We invite all participants to meet the team at our booth to discuss the Develocity initiative within the ASF.

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