Next DevProdEng Lowdown: The JetBrains Kotlin Compiler Team’s Developer Productivity Wins

January 25, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

In this episode, DevProdEng Lowdown chats with Nikolay Krasko, the Infrastructure team lead for the Kotlin Compiler OSS project, to get the lowdown on their developer productivity wins. Nikolay will discuss wins that stemmed from the collaborative effort with Gradle to onboard the Kotlin Compiler OSS project to the Develocity platform. He will then share how this led to achieving their goals of improving build/test times using build caching and providing insights/telemetry to their build/test process.


Nikolay Krasko
Engineering Team Lead



  • How the Kotlin Compiler OSS project structures its developer productivity organization
  • Software and tooling stack
  • Compound repository challenges impacting productivity
  • The peer review process that helped drive developer productivity
  • Fighting for Gradle caches in the Kotlin project
  • How the team uses Develocity and Build Scans