DevProdEng Lowdown: How Meta Does Developer Productivity Engineering

How Meta Does Developer Productivity Engineering


Meta (formerly Facebook) may be solving the hardest software productivity problem in the world today. The company operates at “human scale,” with the Facebook app alone serving 2.9B active monthly users. In addition to building all of their own release tools, Meta manages all the code from Meta’s most well-known apps—Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Portal— from  one massive monorepo. In this DevProdEng Lowdown webcast we chat with Adam McCormick from Meta’s FARE team (Facebook Mobile Apps Reliability Engineering) to get the Lowdown on how Facebook does Developer Productivity Engineering.




  • Structure and size of Meta’s productivity engineering organization
  • Key developer productivity engineering challenges at Meta’s “human level” scale
  • “A day in the life” of a Meta software engineer: How they write code, build and test, and relate to CI/CD
  • Measuring developer productivity and happiness: Key metrics and data capture tools
  • Productivity engineering wins
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