Develocity Training for Productivity Engineers


The objective of this training is to teach build engineers how to use Develocity insights and analytics to debug and accelerate their builds. Fast,efficient and reliable builds provide productivity benefits to all who run the build, and allow the build to be run more often for faster development cycles and identification of issues.

Topics covered:

  • About the local build cache and remote build cache
  • How to make tasks cacheable
  • Debugging cache misses
  • 3 build acceleration experiments to conduct
  • Monitoring for build regressions


1 hour of content


Build engineers, or any developers wanting to learn more about improving their builds. If an important project currently has nobody responsible for the build, we recommend designating a person to attend this training.


Attendance of the Develocity for Developers training or the equivalent basic understanding of Develocity. (if you have missed the session, you may view a recorded version here:


Individuals who have attended this training will understand how to optimize their builds
for build caching to maximize performance benefits and accelerate build times, and how
to keep it that way by identifying and addressing regressions that can occur over time.