Gradle Build Tool Performance Optimization

October 26, 2023

9:00 AM PDT


As projects grow in size, you may experience dependency resolution or tasks taking longer. Gradle Build Tool has a number of configuration options and best practices that can be used to optimize your builds and significantly reduce the amount of time taken.

In this training, we will go over a few scenarios in which you may experience slower builds and learn how to address them.


2.5 hours


This class is designed for Gradle Build Tool users that want to learn best practices to speed up their builds.



  1. Identify causes of performance issues
  2. Learn best practices and configuration to address performance issues
  3. Hands-on exercises to reinforce learning

Course Outline

  • Tasks
    • Custom task declaration
    • Parallel execution
    • Test parallelization
    • Build caching
  • Dependency management
    • Dynamic and changing versions
    • Repository ordering
    • Unused dependencies
  • Shared configuration
  • Gradle version