DevProdEng Lowdown: How Uber does Developer Productivity Engineering

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You can’t facilitate Developer Productivity Engineering without collecting and analyzing data from developer behavior and software production tools. You also need the right tools to make sense of all this data to prioritize and make it actionable. In this upcoming Developer Productivity Engineering meetup webcast, we talk to Gautam Korlam and Ty Smith who work on the Developer Productivity and Experience team at Uber. We’ll explore the platform they built to improve the productivity of their engineers to ultimately ship new features with increased velocity and reliability to Uber users. 

About Gautam Korlam

Gautam is a Senior Staff Software Engineer on Uber’s Java Developer Experience Team. He is passionate about tools to improve developer experience in large codebases. He has spoken about a wide variety of topics around Monorepos, Build systems, CI & CD at scale etc.

About Ty Smith

Ty is a Senior Staff Engineer at Uber where he leads the Android platform and is the chairman of Uber’s Open-Source Technical Steering Committee. He has a passion for tools, frameworks, and open-source to help developers make great mobile apps. He is a Google Developer Expert for Android and Kotlin, engaging regularly with the community through conferences, open-source, and writing, as well as an organizer for conferences and meetups. He is an angel investor and tech advisor, as well as a member in multiple venture capital advisory syndicates.


  • How are the Developer Productivity and Developer Experience teams structured between the different Uber product teams? How many people work on these teams and how many developers do you support?
  • What are the programming languages and tools that you use? What about build systems? Are there any efforts to standardize your build systems?
  • How are you measuring the impact of developer productivity and developer experience? What data are you looking at? What are your deliverables and metrics for success?
  • What are the biggest productivity engineering wins you have had in the last few years that you can share?
  • Tell us about your remote cloud IDEs project. How did you solve the IDE indexing problem? 
  • What’s your DPE moonshot?