Developer Productivity Engineering – The Next Big Thing in Software Development

November 28, 2023

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST

What comes after DevOps? Learn how to clear the bottlenecks that are out of scope for many DevOps organizations, the ones that lurk in the developer experience. The emerging practice of Developer Productivity Engineering focuses on identifying productivity pitfalls in the developer toolchain.


Just two years ago, IDC accurately predicted that by now 65% of the global GDP will have been digitally transformed. Two-thirds of the products and services that you pay for are driven by software, and the quality, cost and time to market of your software products determine the fate of your business.  There has never been a more important time to foster developer productivity, but many of our methods have not evolved.

In this keynote style talk you will learn why DPE is one of the most important developments in the software engineering world since the introduction of Agile and DevOps concepts and tools. DPE is a new software development practice that uses acceleration technologies to speed up the software build and test process and data analytics to improve developer efficiencies by as much as 10x. The ultimate aim is to achieve faster feedback cycles, more reliable and actionable data, and a highly satisfying developer experience.

Trisha Gee, Lead Technical Evangelist at Gradle, is helping to pioneer DPE as a practice and set of technologies. Specifically, Trisha will provide an overview of the key concepts and tools, business impact on key business objectives like time-to-market, cost and quality, the business case for DPE, and the role of AI/ML in DPE moving forward.

Skill Level



60 minutes