Dev Cloud Acceleration at Elastic with Develocity and Google Cloud Platform

Developer Productivity Engineering Best Practices & Success Story Webinar Series

Dev Cloud Acceleration at Elastic with Develocity and Google Cloud Platform


Mark Vieira

James Ward

Thursday, March 18, 2021
10am SF, 1pm NY, 5pm London, 6pm Berlin

Elasticsearch uses a combination of Develocity build and test acceleration technology to minimize build and developer feedback cycles and Develocity failure analytics to minimize the time it takes to resolve unexpected problems. In combination with Google Cloud’s compute performance and cost advantages, Elastic delivers superior service-levels to its internal stakeholders and customers.

Please join Mark Vieira, Principal Software Engineer within the Elasticsearch core infrastructure team, and James Ward from Google Cloud’s developer advocacy team as they discuss the particular best practices and technologies deployed to achieve this result.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • What are the basics of Google Cloud’s support for Gradle Build Tool?
  • What are the benefits of setting up CI builds in the Cloud, how to get started with GCP, and what are the key best practices associated with transitioning to GCP for CI builds and tests?
  • How to leverage Develocity CI Build Cache build and test acceleration technologies to ensure the most efficient use of GCP compute resources and speed up cycle times?
  • How do the improvements you can achieve with Develocity CI Build Cache and Resource Profiling tools help ensure you only pay for what you really use through better management & more efficient resource usage. 
  • How to use a combination of Develocity Build Scans (a navigable and durable record of all data associated with every build) and Failure Analytics to quickly determine the root cause of infrastructure-related failures and flaky tests that can eat up CI resources unnecessarily and create a lot of other harm?
  • How to monitor GCP performance and failure trends in order to anticipate and proactively address potential build and test issues before they impact stakeholders using Develocity Trends & Insights dashboards?
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