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Scaling DPE deployments

In this episode, we chat with Jonathan Schneider, the founder and CEO of Moderne (and the creator of OpenRewrite), to get the Lowdown on their DPE wins. OpenRewrite analyzes code and applies “recipes” to change code in a reliable way when performing framework migrations. You can execute recipes either with its Gradle/Maven plugins or with Moderne’s SaaS offering. The teams from Gradle and Moderne collaborated to create new recipes for adding the Develocity configuration to Gradle/Maven projects, enabling organizations with thousands of source repositories to add this configuration to multiple projects in one go. Now Moderne has a scalable way to leverage Develocity Failure Analytics to find recipe misconfigurations. Get the story behind this successful collaboration and learn more about how Moderne is helping customers with DPE deployments based on lessons learned working with the Develocity team at Gradle.

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Discussion topics
  • What is Moderne and OpenRewrite?
  • Demo of OpenRewrite
  • How Moderne accelerates Develocity (formerly Gradle Enterprise) usage across many projects
  • The OpenRewrite and Develocity integration
  • More about Moderne’s developer productivity wins, including how Moderne uses Develocity failure analytics to find recipe misconfigurations
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Meet the speakers


Co-Founder & CEO

At Moderne, Jonathan builds automated software refactoring to perform continuous software modernization in large codebases. Previously, he worked at Spring on application monitoring and continuous delivery and at Netflix on engineering tools for distributed refactoring, dependency insight, and build tools.


VP of Strategic Accounts

Rooz has been a part of the Gradle Enterprise customer support team helping large Android apps with their shipping-software-at-scale challenges. Rooz is also the one of the co-organizers of the San Francisco Android GDG, DPE Summit, and the host of DevProdEng (DPE) Showdown.

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