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Tableau Software

Tableau sees a 3-month payback in developer productivity with Develocity

The problem

Lack of granular data on builds and tests

  • Slow builds were wasting developer time and causing team-wide frustration.
  • Long MTTR due to lack of granular data to find and prioritize problems.
We consider this a $100M problem.
Andrew Kass
VP of Engineering
We have given our heaviest software builders back 15 hours every 2 weeks.
Sam Snyder
Senior Software Engineer

The solution

Reduced build times and better failure data

  1. 1
    Build Cache to reduce build times by enabling the reuse of unchanged build and test outputs that are unaffected by new code.
  2. 2
    Build Scan® to provide observability and comprehensive reports for incident contextualization and root cause data analysis.
  3. 3
    Test Failure Analytics to proactively find unreliable builds and flaky tests.

The outcome

Heaviest software builders save 15 hours every two weeks

  • 15 hours given back every 2 weeks for Tableau’s heaviest software builders.
  • Shortened the iteration time, keeping developers in a state of flow versus constant context-switching.
  • Task-level data is provided for every local and CI build.
  • Visualization in Tableau dashboards of errors and developer trends using Develocity API.

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