Develocity Expands Developer Productivity Solution Support to Google Bazel and sbt/Scala User Communities

Bazel Project Team Welcomes Develocity to their “Bazel Products Partner” program

July 19, 2023, San Francisco, CA.Gradle Inc. announced today the release of Develocity 2023.2. A key focus of the release is to expand the footprint of supported build systems, consistent with its strategy to provide a common productivity platform across all build and language ecosystems.

Develocity already supports Gradle Build Tool and Apache Maven. For Bazel, the open-source build system created and used by Google, the new release provides general availability support for core Develocity capabilities, including Build Scan®, Build Cache, and Build Failure Analytics. “sbt” is the primary build system used by the Scala developer community. The new release provides a beta version of Develocity Build Scan for sbt builds. Developers can try the free version of Build Scan for sbt at For the Bazel community this will be provided at a later point.

“Our mission to democratize the benefits of our developer productivity solution across developer communities has taken another important step forward,” said Hans Dockter, Gradle Inc. co-founder and CEO. “Bazel and sbt users will soon see the benefits of faster feedback cycles, more efficient troubleshooting, and more reliable builds and tests.”

Simultaneously, Gradle Inc., announced that it has joined the Bazel Products Partner program. The Bazel team at Google describes the program’s members as organizations that build open source or paid tooling that interfaces with Bazel and aims to improve Bazel end user experience and accelerate developer productivity.

This partnership underscores the Develocity product strategy of providing a multi-build-system solution and counters a common misconception that Develocity is only for Gradle Build Tool users.

“I am happy that the Bazel ecosystem is growing and welcome Gradle as a partner in our community.” said Tobias Werth, staff engineer at Google.

You can learn more about Develocity build system support here for Bazel and sbt.