Developer Productivity Engineering Meetup/Webcast Sponsored by Gradle and Linkedin Engineering

How LinkedIn Does Developer Productivity Engineering

Register nowThursday, December 9, 10-11 am PDT


You can’t do Developer Productivity Engineering without collecting and analyzing data from developer behaviour and your software production tools. You also need the right tools to make sense from all this data to prioritize and take action. In this upcoming Developer Productivity Engineering meetup we talk to
Grant Jenks from the Developer Insights team. For the last three years, Grant has worked at LinkedIn in the Developer Productivity and Happiness organization on the Developer Insights team. Developer Insights works like a “Fitbit for engineering teams” to identify and improve pain points in developer workflows. We’ll explore the platform they built to improve the productivity of their engineers to ultimately ship new and better features to LinkedIn users.



  • What is the size, structure and scope of productivity engineering organization?
  • What data are you collecting/analyzing and what tools do you use?
  • What does it mean to measure productivity and happiness? What framework do you use for improving productivity? How has the Developer Insights work evolved in the last few years?
  • What was your biggest productivity engineering win and what were the lessons learned?
  • How do you measure build speed across such a large organization? How do you accommodate both the executive wanting a 10,000 foot view and the Senior IC wanting nitty gritty details?
  • What impact has flaky tests had on your CI pipeline?
  • How do you track and measure flakiness in the infrastructure, tests, and other sources?
  • How do you measure quality? What is the role of code reviews and how do you correlate code coverage with issues, tickets and crashes? 
  • What is your DevProd team moonshot?
  • What advice do you have for new software teams that want to scale and pursue continuous improvement?