S1E7: Developer Productivity and Software Engineering at Scale


Thursday, November 18, 2021

10am PST | 1pm NY | 6pm London | 7pm Berlin

In this episode, thought leaders from some of the most famous technology and global business brands will weigh in on thought-provoking technology choices they support or interesting practices they recommend to scale their JVM software stacks.

This episode’s all-star panelists:

Eli Smaga

Aubrey Chipman

Jesse Wilson
Cash App

Jason Erickson

Not familiar with DevProdEng Showdown? It’s a series of live-streamed 30-minute episodes where a panel of distinguished experts debate hot topics related to Developer Productivity Engineering in a rapid-fire game show-like format. Check out our pilot episode to get a better idea of what you’re in for and don’t forget to invite your colleagues that care about DevX:

So take a break, have fun, learn something new, and be an active participant by voting for the contestants who make the best points and upvoting your favorite bonus topics. 

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