S1E2: Android at Scale
Thursday, March 11, 2021
11am SF, 2pm NY, 7pm London, 8pm Berlin

DevProdEng Showdown is a series of live-streamed 30-minute events where a panel of distinguished experts debate hot topics related to Developer Productivity Engineering and Software Engineering at scale in a rapid-fire game show-like format.

This episode’s theme is Android Developer Productivity Engineering at Scale. This episode’s All-Star panelists are:

Emily Kager

Nelson Osacky

Pierre-Yves Ricau

Ty Smith

So take a break, have fun, learn something new, and be an active participant by voting for the contestants who make the best points and upvoting your favorite  bonus topics. 

We will live stream on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, but you must register to participate. 

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Still not convinced? Check out this 90-second highlight video of our pilot episode:

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