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Dogfooding Test Distribution for Maximum Effect at Gradle

Here at Gradle, Inc., we don’t just talk about Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE). We practice it every day. We know that companies that make DPE a priority have focused, productive developers who deliver better code faster while experiencing the joy of coding. That’s why Gradle has engineering resources dedicated to ensuring our developers get the same benefits as our customers. And we eat our own dog food. (Or, if you prefer, we drink our own champagne. Then again, not all of our code is written in France, so maybe we’re drinking our own sparkling wine.) That includes using Develocity Test Distribution. 

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4 Expert Tips for Boosting Android Build Speed

In a recent DevProdEng Showdown! Android gurus from some of the most famous technology and global business brands shared their best tips for accelerating Android build and test feedback cycle times. Here is what our friends at Twich, JP Morgan Chase, Delta, and Kaiser Permanente had to say. You can watch the video segment or read their comments (edited for clarity) below.

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What’s New in Gradle 6.0

Gradle 6.0 is the culmination of several years of innovative improvements in Dependency Management. Embracing the idea that there is more to software composition and reuse than just putting a set of jar files on the classpath, Gradle now offers a new metadata format to richly define software components that are often made up of multiple files, different variants and specific constraints on their dependencies.

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The Challenge of the Build Engineer

The role of the build engineer is undergoing a transformation. Build engineers are becoming the key to success for any software producing company. But this transition is not happening without a lot of pain.

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