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How much can you improve your developer productivity?

Annual R&D Cost Recapture


Annual Developer Hours Saved


Each Developer Saves per Week


This calculator is a model that we have developed by working with hundreds of build teams to quantify the impact of your build on developer productivity. Set the input fields to drive the calculator results above.

Size Your Team and Build

Speed up Slow Builds

Gradle Enterprise gives you the data and infrastructure services to speed up builds, including a remote build cache that shares unchanged artifacts across the entire team.

Speed Up Local Builds

Maintain Build Speed Over Time

Builds won't stay fast without continued maintenance. Build Scans give you a wealth of data on each build so that you can optimize performance every day. These benefits include configuration, network effects, JVM performance, and other issues in addition to output caching.

Accelerate Debugging

Gradle Enterprise gives developers the visibility to fix code-related build issues without having to ask the build team to rerun broken builds to reproduce and debug the problem.