Better building with build scans

Accelerate developer productivity by using build scans to understand build results, optimize build performance and fix problems faster. Available as part of Gradle Enterprise.

What are build scans?

Build scans are a record of what happened during a build, that are published to Gradle Enterprise. Each build scan has a unique link that visualizes the information. Developers can view the build scan to quickly get details on issues with their code such as compile or test failures, or share the build scan link with colleagues for collaborative debugging. Build engineers can optimize and debug the build logic using the wealth of performance metrics and environmental content captured in build scans.

Deeper and faster understanding

Understand what happened in your build via a rich web interface instead of a text console and text files. Build scans provide more information, more effectively.

Collaborative debugging

Share build scans with colleagues to efficiently solve problems and improve things together. Share entire scans or links focussed to a particular aspect of the build such as a logging output line.

Better and faster builds

Use the extensive information captured about your build to improve reliability and performance, including incremental build and build cache effectiveness.

Compare and contrast

Build scan comparison quickly highlights differences between builds, such as dependencies and their versions, making root cause analysis much faster.

Build metrics

Track key build metrics for all of your builds, including local development builds and not just CI builds.

Build history

Analyze previous builds when investigating regressions or changes in behavior.

Team perspective

Monitor builds by colleagues to proactively identify problems and improvement opportunities. Learn how your build is actually used day to day.

Extend and customize

Add your own data to build scans as tags, values and links. Integrate build scans into your toolchain.

Real time data export

Export all build data to other systems for ad-hoc analysis in real time via the Export API.

Creating build scans is quick and easy

Enabling build scans for a build is as easy as adding the build scan plugin and configuring the address of your Gradle Enterprise server.

What can I do with build scans?

Fix problems faster. Build scans convey information about how the build failed in a way that is easier to comprehend than the Gradle console output, particularly for parallel builds.

Fix problems faster
Optimize build performance
Customize and extend
Compare and discover
Compare dependencies between two builds
Export and stream your build data

Explore build scans

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