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June 2023

  • Spotify joins the next DPE Lowdown to discuss Backstage.io
  • New research explores what actually drives developer productivity
  • From the Splunk Blog – Why industry leaders have embraced DPE

May 2023

  • Gradle ❤️️ Kotlin
  • Gradle Inc. announces the release of Develocity 2023.1
  • Jamf cuts integration test times by 66% with Predictive Test Selection

April 2023

  • InfoWorld: From the 10x developer to the 10x team
  • DevProdEng Showdown: CI quality of service with Netflix, Slack, Uber, and Gradle
  • DPE Summit 2023 announced for Sep 20-21 in San Francisco

March 2023

  • Gradle Acquires Triplequote
  • Case studies spotlight value of using Develocity to provide CI build and test observability
  • Development Efficiency at the Swedish Pensions Agency

February 2023

  • 2023 predictions for the developer community
  • Managing a remote build cache at scale with local build observability at Cash App
  • DevProdEng Lowdown: The JetBrains Kotlin compiler team’s developer productivity wins

January 2023

  • DevProdEng Lowdown: The Kotlin Compiler Team’s Developer Productivity Wins
  • An IT executive introduction to Developer Productivity Engineering
  • Introducing Develocity 2022.4
  • Best practices for identifying developer pain points

December 2022

  • 3 key themes to take away from the first-ever DPE Summit
  • The neuroscience behind developer productivity engineering
  • Dogfooding test distribution for maximum effect
  • How Big Data and AI can help the developer toolchain

November 2022

  • Addressing Amazon’s mammoth developer experience challenge
  • Introducing the Developer Productivity Engineering Maturity Model
  • Anatomy of a build cache node crash

October 2022

  • Advice for Sundar Pichai: How to solve Google’s billion-dollar productivity problem
  • Recommended Reading: Build Rock – A Build Platform at Slack
  • LinkedIn, Meta, Netflix, and Uber sign on as DPE Summit sponsors

September 2022

  • Establishing platform engineering teams to build and improve developers’ platforms
  • How Google troubleshoots build and test failures faster
  • Test Distribution is easier than you think

August 2022

  • DevProdEng Showdown Wall Street Edition: Scaling Developer Productivity at Global-Banking Scale
  • How Square speeds up local builds with a remote build cache
  • Gradle announces the first annual Developer Productivity Engineering Summit

July 2022

  • 4 expert tips for boosting Android build speed
  • New survey results reveal key developer challenges in 2021
  • Gradle announces the first Annual Developer Productivity Engineering Summit

June 2022

  • The vital importance of pursuing build & test performance consistency and continuity
  • 10 ways to get maximum leverage from using Build Scans
  • DevProdEng Lowdown preview: How Uber does Developer Productivity Engineering

May 2022

  • Developer productivity gets a boost from machine learning
  • How Micronaut does Developer Productivity Engineering with Develocity
  • Get answers to productivity questions from Android experts in Season 2 premier of DevProdEng Showdown

April 2022

  • Seven Ways Netflix Uses Develocity to Manage Gradle Plugins
  • Gradle releases the 2022 Developer Productivity Engineering Handbook
  • Develocity launches support for new Enterprise API
  • Micronaut Foundation names Gradle as first Tools and Infrastructure Partner

March 2022

  • Testcontainers, OpenRewrite, Micronaut latest OSS projects to get revved up by Develocity
  • Leverage the DPE Learning Center if you are not already!
  • Spend some quality time with a DPE industry expert

February 2022

  • Netflix pursues soft DevEx goals with hard DevProd metrics using Test Distribution
  • Expert take: How DoorDash does Developer Productivity Engineering
  • Featured white paper: “Executive’s Guide to Developer Productivity Engineering”

January 2022

  • Develocity 2021.4 features Build Scan™ support for Bazel and Predictive Test Selection
  • Improving developer productivity at Micrometer with build cache, Build Scan, and performance and trends dashboards.
  • How LinkedIn does Developer Productivity Engineering
  • A new series of 1-Minute Build Scan™ videos helps users get started and explore functionality

December 2021

  • Gradle Inc. raises $27 million in series C funding
  • DevProdEng Lowdown: How LinkedIn does Developer Productivity Engineering
  • DPE at Microsoft with Brian Houck (On-Demand Webcast)
  • Success story: Addressing and diagnosing build performance challenges at Google/Android

November 2021

  • DevProdEng Lowdown: How Microsoft Does Developer Productivity Engineering
  • Micrometer Cuts Feedback Cycle Time by Two-Thirds
  • How Netflix Does Developer Productivity Engineering with Danny Thomas

October 2021

  • Next Developer Productivity Engineering meetup features Netflix
  • Do you regularly schedule ‘Flaky Test Days’?
  • Take the Gradle or Maven Build Speed Challenge!
  • Android Experts share DevProd best practices in the Last DevProdEng Showdown!

September 2021

  • New ‘Executive’s Guide to Developer Productivity Engineering’
  • How to improve React and JavaScript build performance with Develocity
  • Spend some quality time with DPE industry experts
  • Android Experts Share DevProd Best Practices in the Last DevProdEng Showdown!
  • Gradle Build Tool users – we would like to hear from you

August 2021

  • SF JUG Presents: How to Maintain Performance As the Codebase Grows
  • Sam Snyder’s Pragmatists Guide to Flaky Test Management
  • Test Distribution in action: a practitioner’s feedback from the trenches
  • Open source titans debate DevProd best practices in the Last DevProdEng Showdown!

July 2021

  • Next DevProdEng Showdown features open source project titans
  • Eric Wendelin on getting the most out of your build performance trend data
  • Auto scaling Test Distribution agents is now much more convenient
  • Addressing Maven dependency management challenges

June 2021

  • Getting the most out of your build performance trend data
  • Android experts share DevProd Best Practices in the Last DevProdEng Showdown!
  • Spend some quality time with DPE industry experts

May 2021

  • DevProdEng Showdown: ‘Expert Takes’ delivered in a fun game-show format
  • New developer survey makes a great case for Developer Productivity Engineering
  • Gradle 7 improves incremental builds, backs Java 16.
  • The ‘Premise Data’ Experience with Build Cache Node Replication
  • Scaling and developer productivity at Coinbase

April 2021

  • DevProdEng Showdown! S1E3: DevRel Pros Take on DevProdEng at Scale
  • New on-demand webcast explores the advantages of running CI builds & tests in the Cloud
  • The Android gurus debate developer productivity at scale
  • Introducing the Developer Productivity Engineering Learning Center
  • Test Distribution gets even faster

March 2021

  • Dev Cloud acceleration at Elastic with Google Cloud Platform
  • The next episode of DevProdEng Showdown to focus on Android developer productivity
  • VMware on Developer Productivity Engineering in a Microservices Environment
  • Is Developer Productivity Engineering the next big thing in software?

February 2021

  • VMware on Developer Productivity Engineering in a microservices environment
  • Announcing Test Distribution for Maven
  • The next episode of DevProdEng Showdown to focus on Android Developer Productivity
  • Tim Cochran of ThoughtWorks on maximizing developer effectiveness

January 2021

  • The debut of DevProdEng Showdown!
  • Key OSS Projects standardizing on Develocity
  • Can developer productivity be measured?
  • Scaling Android builds in pandemic times at Tinder

December 2020

  • Best of DPE Newsletter 2020
  • Remote developer productivity in COVID times
  • Nelson Osacky: So, you want to be a DPE Solutions Engineer
  • Android Expert panel sounds Off: Android builds and tests at scale
  • Hands-On Workshop: Gradle Build Cache Deep Dive

November 2020

  • Exploring the DevProd Solution Landscape | DevProdEng vs. DevProdMgmt
  • Hans Dockter on being proactive to build developer and toolchain trust
  • Develocity 2020.4 extends build & test failure analytics capability
  • Hands-On Workshop: Maven Build Cache Deep Dive

October 2020

  • Alberto Mijares demystifies the roles of binary repositories and build caches
  • Hans Dockter on how build & test reliability issues kill morale
  • Embracing DevProd Engineering in Android ‒ Video Series
  • Spring project continues to crush reedback cycle times with Develocity Build Cache
  • New build failure analytics video ‒ a Data-Driven Approach to Improving Build Reliability

September 2020

  • Observability takes DPE to the next level
  • Hans Dockter on unreliable tool chains
  • Introducing Configuration Caching
  • New video: Develocity Maven Build Cache | Technology & Business Case Explained

August 2020

  • Advice for mitigating pandemic’s impact on developer productivity
  • Eric Wendelin on Flaky Test Management
  • Stash’s launch of DPE journey off to a good start
  • A new video provides a good overview and example of Test Distribution

July 2020

  • Raju Gandhi on the power of flow and deep work
  • Nelson Osacky on scaling Android builds
  • Comparing Gradle and Bazel build tool technologies
  • New Develocity solution overview video

June 2020

  • Build engineers on the rise
  • Even the experts can get it wrong
  • Flaky Test Management enhancements
  • Reflections on successful DPE experiments at SoundCloud

May 2020

  • The link between fast feedback cycles and developer behavior change
  • Is it time to establish a dedicated DevProdEng team?
  • Dependency visualization for Maven
  • Cutting open source project build times 77%

April 2020

  • Eliminate Developer Process Waste
  • Developer Productivity Engineering at Elastic: Avoiding the Cost of Inaction
  • Speed Up Builds with “Test Distribution
  • Martin Fowler: Eradicating Non-Determinism (“Flakiness”) in Tests

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