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Develocity Expands Developer Productivity Solution Support to Google Bazel and sbt/Scala User Communities

We are thrilled to announce the release of Develocity 2023.2 featuring General Availability (GA) support for the Bazel build system. This major release highlights our commitment to supporting the Bazel community, further evidenced by our recent admittance to the Bazel Products Partner program. We also announced beta support for the sbt build system, as we continue to embrace the Scala developer community.

These announcements underscore the Develocity product strategy of providing a multi-build-system solution and counter a common misconception that Develocity is only for Gradle Build Tool users. You don’t need to choose between build tools to enjoy the benefits of DPE provided by Develocity. Develocity ensures that the choice between build tool support and DPE tools is decoupled so that you can use the best tool for the job. Our mission is to democratize the benefits of DPE for all language and build tool ecosystems.


Bazel Support 

Bazel users can now leverage the core benefits of DPE provided by Develocity, ensuring more efficient troubleshooting, robust support for build and test feedback-cycle acceleration, improved toolchain reliability, better CI resource and cost management, and more.

Moreover, the Build Scan®feature for Bazel gives developers detailed data for every build, facilitating quick troubleshooting of broken builds. Performance Continuity and Build Cache further enhance the build performance and speed of CI builds, contributing to lower costs and optimized resources.

sbt Support (Beta)

As part of our commitment to supporting a range of build systems, we’re pleased to announce the beta release of sbt support for Develocity. This introduces a suite of functionalities for Scala developers to troubleshoot their builds effectively. You can try it out on today!

Improvements to Existing Features

This release also brings enhancements to existing features. Predictive Test Selection is now more flexible and easier to use and Test Distribution now provides even more information through the Build Scan interface. Both of these updates aim to provide a more streamlined, efficient testing process, and a richer set of data for faster troubleshooting.

The latest release of Develocity is a significant step forward, with a big focus on Bazel support. From offering end-to-end support for diverse build systems like Bazel to enhancing critical features for more efficient building and testing, Develocity is revolutionizing developer productivity and experience.

We’re excited for you to experience these new features and improvements. As always, we value your feedback as we continue to innovate and provide top-notch developer productivity solutions.

Happy building!