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DPE Summit returns to San Francisco for its second year

DPE Summit is back! The only event dedicated to the practice of Developer Productivity Engineering and Developer Experience will return to The Midway in San Francisco on September 20-21, 2023. Now in its second year, the event hosts leading DPE practitioners from some of the most innovative engineering organizations. In this two-day, dual-track event, DPE and DX leaders from Airbnb, Gradle, LinkedIn, Slack, Spotify, and many more will share their perspectives and practices, success stories, and lessons learned. We’re doubly excited to have JetBrains, Meta, Netflix, and Uber join us as both sponsors and speakers. 

This event is for you if you’re a software developer, productivity or build engineer, solution architect, software development manager or leader, or member of the software industry analyst, influencer, or media communities.

Learn the latest Developer Productivity Engineering tools and techniques—and invest in bringing greater productivity and joy to your software organization.

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Summit speakers announced

Check out the session lineup we’ve assembled for this year’s event:

Keynote presentations

  • Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai, Sr. Director of Engineering at Uber – Developing at Uber Scale
  • Anna Sulkina, Head of Developer Platform at Airbnb – Transforming Developer Productivity: Airbnb’s Triumphs and Trials with a Dose of AI Disruption
  • Hans Dockter, CEO & Founder at Gradle – DPE Summit Keynote
  • Max Kanat-Alexander, Principal Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn – How to Make Your Developers Unproductive and Unhappy

All presentations 

  • Abi Noda, CEO & Co-Founder at DX – The Elusive Quest To Measure Developer Productivity
  • Adam McCormick, Software Engineer at Meta – Laziness at Scale
  • Adrian Nieć & Bartosz Zator, Mobile Security at Samsung Poland Research Institute – Developer Productivity Engineering in the Complex Low-Level Systems World
  • Alex Eagle, Co-founder at Aspect – Achieving the Promised 3x-10x Bazel Speedup
  • Alexander Podkhalyuzin, Engineering Team Lead at JetBrains – Customer Success for Tooling 
  • Ana Petkovska, Engineering Manager at Nexthink – Developer Productivity Teams: Unleashing Potential for Better, Faster, Stronger Results
  • Aubrey Chipman & Roberto Perez Alcolea, Senior Software Engineers at Netflix – How Improving the Testing Experience Goes Beyond Quality: A Developer Productivity Point of View
  • Aurimas Liutikas, Software Engineer at Google – More Effective Testing on Android Devices
  • Ashwin Kachhara & Yunji Zhong, Software Engineers at DoorDash, Inc. – Building a Gradle-based Monorepo for Kotlin backends
  • Brian Stewart, Staff Systems Development Engineer at Jamf – Codebase Growth and the Developer Productivity Impact
  • Christopher Sanson, Senior Product Manager at Airbnb – Embracing DORA Metrics: The Airbnb Journey Towards Enhanced Developer Productivity
  • Etienne Studer, SVP of Engineering at Gradle – Automated Detection and Reporting of Build Cache Misses
  • Gabriel Feo, Staff Mobile Platform Engineer at iFood – Unlocking Build Analytics: iFood’s Journey with the Develocity API
  • Gautam Korlam & Serdar Badem, Principal Engineer & Product Manager at Uber – From Myth to Legend: How Generative AI Can Supercharge Productivity to Create 10x Developers
  • Grant Jenks, Senior Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn – Descriptive to Prescriptive Analytics and Beyond for Developer Productivity
  • Henry Liu, DevOps Engineering at Apple Maps – Life After log4shell – The Dependency Graph
  • Inez Korczyński, Software Engineer at Block – Android CI at Scale
  • Jake Wharton, Software Engineer at Cash App – Releasing Faster with Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Laurent Ploix, Engineering Manager at Spotify – An Opinionated View on Metrics Informed Development 
  • Lee Mills, Senior Engineering Manager at Spotify – Shaping the Future of Developer Productivity with Backstage
  • Louis Jacomet, Senior Lead Software Engineer at Gradle – Don’t Let Ephemeral CI Kill Your Developer Productivity
  • Mani Nagaraj, Lead Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase – Conversational and Contextual Observability
  • Manuel Nakamurakare, Engineering Manager at Pinterest – Build Health and Velocity Score: How Pinterest Tracks the State of Builds
  • Neil Mitchell, Programmer at Meta – Accelerating Builds with Buck2
  • Pablo Baxter & Roger Hu, Software Engineer & Engineering Manager at Block – Lessons in Tackling the IDE Performance
  • Ravikumar Buragapu, Senior Engineering Leader at Adobe – Cutting-Edge Strategies and Tactics for DevProductivity Engineering
  • Robert Keith, Head of Developer Experience at JP Morgan Chase – Unleashing Team Engagement for Enhanced Developer Productivity: Empowering Engineers Beyond Technical
  • Rui Abreu, Research Software Engineer at Meta – Moving Fast While Delivering High Quality Code
  • Szczepan Faber, Engineer at Airbnb – AI + Engineering = Magic at Airbnb
  • Ty Smith, Principal Engineer at Uber – Balancing Speed and Reliability: The Double-Edged Sword of Third-Party Libraries
  • Valera Zakharov, Tech Lead at Slack – Optimizing Mobile Release Train Schedule and Speed for Faster Feature Arrival

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View highlights from the first annual DPE Summit

DPE Summit debuted in 2022, and despite being the new kid on the block, it boasted an impressive speaker lineup. 

If you’re not sure what to expect, get a taste with this sampling from last year’s presentations: 

Additional recordings from DPE Summit 2022 can be found on Gradle’s Youtube channel. Worried you missed out? Never fear—some of these speakers will join us again at this year’s event. 

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