Improving Developer Experience with Build Scans

August 24, 2023

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST


35 minutes + Q&A

As a developer, you just want your builds to work but every now and then things go wrong and you need to investigate the build. That investigation sucks up a lot of your time and forces context switching. In this talk we show how build scans can help save a lot of time when you need to find build performance bottlenecks, investigate/troubleshoot CI and build/tool chain failures, visualize your dependencies, etc. to troubleshoot/investigate build issues and accelerate your builds/tests.

From this session you will learn…

  • Can I make my build faster? Build performance profiling with a simple UI: what are all the performance bottlenecks in my build, how well is my build cache working, the impact of heap, garbage, dependency downloads on my build times.
  • How well is my build parallelized? Can I get more parallelization to speed up my builds?
  • What’s happening in my build? View the build timeline view to see what tasks/goals are being executed in which order. You can use this to see how well parallelized is your build
  • Git and CI integration for better developer workflow
    • Go from your CI job to your build scan and back
    • Go to the Git source repo, git commit id, show me all the builds on this git commit id
  • Troubleshoot CI failures way faster with a build scan by viewing failed tasks/goal in consol log.
    • Build scans pull out all the details pertaining to your failure out of the consol log so you don’t have to parse through thousands of lines of logs
  • Dependency Search: view, search through your projects dependencies and their versions in a few clicks
  • Triage Test failures faster: The test dashboard sorts your projects test failures by failure count with a nice UI. With a few clicks you can see which test classes failed the most, sort by your longest tests, test methods with the most test failures, link to your test report
  • Tool chain and build related failures: What’s breaking my build?

Build Scan bites: