Dependency Management

September 26, 2023

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST


The Gradle Build Tool provides a number of tools to enable you to fine-tune how to manage dependencies that supports the dependency management strategy you have chosen for your software project. In this training we will go over not only how to use these tools but also in which scenario you’d want to use each one.


4 hours


This class is designed for developers and build engineers who want to learn how to fine tune their dependencies using the Gradle Build Tool.



  1. Understand different Dependency Management strategies
  2. Learn about various dependency features and where to use them
  3. Hands-on exercises to reinforce learning

Course Outline

  • Version Catalog
  • Dependency Management Strategies
  • Dependency Configurations
  • Declaring Dependencies
    • Rich Versions
    • Dependency Constraints
  • Default Version Conflict Resolution
  • Consistent Resolution
  • Dependency Locking
  • Next Steps