Android Apps with Gradle Build Tool - EMEA

Structuring Android Projects for Long Term Success

July 20, 2023

6:00 AM - 9:15 PM PST


Engineers want to focus on developing features for their Android app and not let build logic get in the way. In this training we will examine how to organize an Android app that has multiple modules. Along the way we will cover best practices and understand how to modularize your application as well as the build logic for long term success.

By the end of the training you will gain familiarity with how Android projects use Gradle Build Tool for managing build logic and become more comfortable working with build logic for both personal and professional Android projects.


3 hours 15 mins training session


This class is designed for developers and build engineers who want to get familiar with build logic for Android projects.


  • Recent version of Android Studio installed
  • Some experience creating Android apps
  • Understanding of core Gradle build concepts
  • Kotlin experience is a plus but not required


  1. Get familiar with build logic for Android projects
  2. Be comfortable with creating or modifying build logic for existing projects
  3. Learn how to modularize Android projects and build logic for long term success

Course Outline

  • Overview of sample Android app
  • Creating app with build best practices
    • Using Kotlin for build logic
    • Centrally define dependencies using the version catalog
    • Modularizing your project and build logic
    • Having shared common build logic via convention plugins
  • Next Steps