Gradle Inc. Acquires Triplequote to Expand Developer Productivity Solutions Footprint

With acquisition Gradle advances multi-build-system strategy and embraces the Scala and sbt developer community

February 15, 2023, San Francisco, CA. Gradle Inc. announced today that it has acquired Swiss-based software development technology provider Triplequote in a private transaction. Gradle now extends its developer productivity solution portfolio directly to the Scala developer community by speeding up builds with the world’s only parallel compiler for the Scala language, Hydra. Additionally, Martin Odersky, creator of the Scala programming language and advisory board member to Triplequote, will continue in a technical advisory role at Gradle.
“This acquisition puts us one step closer to our vision of providing a common productivity platform across all build systems and language ecosystems, so that one day all software code will be built with Develocity,” said Hans Dockter, Gradle Inc. co-founder and CEO. “We look forward to the opportunity this acquisition affords to engage more directly with the Scala community in this endeavor.”
Gradle Inc. provides the leading technology-enablement platform for the practice of Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE), Develocity. Develocity improves developer productivity by removing critical software development process bottlenecks like slow builds, inefficient troubleshooting, flaky tests, and a general lack of build and test process observability. With Hydra, for the first time Gradle has a first-class developer productivity solution designed specifically to address the critical Scala developer community pain of unnecessarily slow builds.
“Triplequote is thrilled to join forces with a company that shares our passion for engineered solutions to developer productivity challenges,” said Iulian Dragoș, co-founder at Triplequote. “Our common roots in open source makes this a great cultural fit as well,” added Triplequote’s other founder, Mirco Dotta.
Gradle’s acquisition of Triplequote paves the way for Develocity to support sbt, the most popular build system used to build Scala applications. Soon Scala developers will be able to avail themselves of the full range of Develocity developer productivity capabilities. This includes complementary performance acceleration technologies (including build caching, ML-based predictive test selection, and test distribution), troubleshooting with Build Scan™, failure analytics, and deep observability and trend telemetry.
Multi-build system support is at the core of Gradle’s DPE strategy and vision. Both Develocity and the Hydra Scala compiler already support some of the most popular build systems including Gradle Build Tool, Apache Maven, and Bazel.
“I think Gradle is a great fit for Triplequote because both companies are obsessed with finding ways to transform the developer experience and not just improve it incrementally,” said Martin Odersky. “It will be great for the Scala ecosystem to have the same level of DPE support that the rest of the JVM ecosystem enjoys.”
To learn more about Develocity, visit the new Scala & sbt solution page on or read the related blog: Triplequote Founder Reflects on Gradle Acquisition.
About Gradle
Gradle Inc. provides the leading software solution for improving developer productivity and happiness called Develocity and is pioneering the emerging practice of Developer Productivity Engineering. Elite development teams from companies like ASML, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nasdaq, SAP, and Netflix, use Develocity to deliver quality software more rapidly at scale. They achieve this by leveraging Gradle’s innovative build and test performance acceleration technologies and analytics to proactively improve the reliability of the developer toolchain and make failure troubleshooting more efficient. Gradle is also the company behind the popular open-source Gradle Build Tool which is downloaded over 30 million times a month.