Develocity helps Delivery Hero reduce build times by 50% and succeed with DevOps initiatives

The problem

Slow feedback cycles & failed DevOps initiatives

  • Long build and test times on local and CI environments were delaying developer feedback cycles and CI throughput
  • No insights into the root cause of build, test, and CI failures, as well as limited build and test performance observability
  • Difficulty achieving success with DevOps initiatives due to friction in the development process like inefficient troubleshooting and feedback cycle performance regressions.
We are extensively using Develocity at Delivery Hero for Build Scan® and remote caching. Build Scan helps us debug any issues from the development team, and we are trying new Develocity features like Predictive Test Selection, which saves a lot of time on test execution.

The insights from Build Scan are super useful. Being from the DevX team, it is very helpful for troubleshooting issues, and the remote cache is extensively used every day.

The solution

Reduced build times & sustained performance gains

  1. 1
    Build Cache to reduce build times by enabling the reuse of unchanged build and test outputs that are unaffected by new code, and Performance Continuity to sustain the performance gains achieved by Build Cache
  2. 2
    Build Scan® to provide observability and comprehensive reports on all aspects of builds— useful in troubleshooting build failures and performance problems
  3. 3
    Failure Analytics to track and build and test failures for prioritization and resolution

The outcome

50% reduction in build times & DevOps wins

  • In less than 3 months, Delivery Hero repaid their investment in Develocity
  • Build Cache reduced build & test feedback cycle times by 50%
  • Develocity enabled the dedicated Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) team to achieve success with their DevOps initiatives, prevent future performance regressions, and recruit & retain top talent

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