About Gradle Inc.

Gradle Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup whose mission is to transform how software is built and shipped.

Gradle Inc. develops, distributes and supports the Gradle open source project. With over 1 million downloads a month, Gradle is the most popular build automation system. Gradle is powered by a unique Build Programming Language and an ecosystem with over one thousand plugins supporting all facets of software Continuous Delivery (CD).

Gradle is at the heart of the Continuous Delivery pipeline at some of the most advanced software companies in the world including Linkedin, Netflix, Unity3d and many more. Gradle helps enterprises ship software faster and more continuously by unifying and automating build processes and Gradle Inc. provides training, consulting and support for its customers. Our motto is “Build Happiness”.

Learn more at http://gradle.org and follow us at @Gradle.

Who we help

We work with Silicon Valley’s biggest players like LinkedIn and Netflix, but our consulting team has also worked with established financial institutions, healthcare providers, and everyone in between. It does not matter how savvy you are with Groovy and Gradle, if you are looking for help to get your build and team up to speed, we can help.