Developer Productivity Engineering – How to Maintain Performance As the Codebase Grows


Hans Dockter, CEO & Founder of Gradle, will talk about the emerging practice of developer productivity engineering, a discipline of using data to improve essential development processes from build/test to CI/CD.

We will talk about how to:

  • Quantify the costs of a low productivity environment with wasted time waiting for builds, tests, and CI/CD pipelines
  • Communicate the importance of fast feedback cycles and catching errors earlier, including incorrect signals like flaky tests
  • Discuss acceleration technologies for speeding up feedback cycles
  • Make the practice of developer productivity engineering a respected discipline
  • Use data to understand and improve essential development processes


40 minutes of content with 20 additional minutes saved for questions

Meet the speakers

Hans Dockter

Hans Dockter
Founder & CEO @ Gradle


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